Wendy Shay has reacted to the latest ban on celebrities from endorsing betting companies.

Betting has fast become a common trend among Ghanaian youth. These youth patronise betting companies, who have now also become numerous in Ghana, for sports betting and other betting purposes.

One of such betting companies is Bet Planet, who earlier this year signed a cross-section of Ghana’s biggest celebrities.

However, there is now bad news for these celebrities as the Ghana Gaming Commission bans betting companies from using celebrities in their advertisements nor ambassadorial deals.

The commission explained that, the decision is due to the increasing number of celebrities endorsing betting companies.

The action may lure numerous young people into gambling. For which reason, the new guideline directs betting companies not to use celebrities for betting campaigns.

“Operators shall not use celebrities in their advertisements to entice the general public to gamble,” the statement read.

But Wendy Shay, who is an ambassador for BetPlanet, is not happy and is taking Gaming Commission to human rights court.

She added the Food and Drugs Authority, who have also banned celebrities from celebrities endorsing alcoholic beverages.

Ghana celebs can we put our differences aside and fight the system? I guess we don’t know how powerful we are. Well, I’m taking the FDA and Gaming commission to the Human Rights Court.

Celebs are also Ghanaians and deserve better!! Ghana wake Up!!