Sister Derby Releases Birthday Pictures

Deborah Owusu-Bonsu, popularly known as Sister Derby is a Ghanaian television presenter, musician, model and academic, of Akan origin and a former presenter at Ghana. She is also a former fashion designer and for the past year or so she has been trending on the news for the back and forth she has engaged in after Fella Makafui stole her boyfriend Medikal from her.

Well the last of this long winded saga has eventually ended with Fella Makafui being pregnant by rapper Medikal.

Ever since then we have not heard from Deborah until today. Fans of the ‘African Mermaid’ as she titles herself, were graced with beautiful editorial images celebrating her birthday and we were totally inlove with them

Although, we noticed something different to the usual Ghanaian celebrity birthday images. There was not one smile in any of the pictures. In addition to that, she’s dressed as a bride, with a bouquet of roses. So we have a sad bride with a bouquet of roses (lying in a dirty bath tub in one image) for her birthday pictures.

We would hate to attach this fabulous day of hers to the loss of Medikal in her life, but it would be hard to do so with such images for birthday shots. We could be and hope totally wrong but losing a loved one is not an easy reality. Well, fashion speaks louder than words, see the images and you decide for yourself.