Sarkodie explains idea behind standing on top of independence arch to perform

Sarkodie, in an interview with Andy Dosty, has disclosed the idea behind performing on top of the Black Star monument- Independence Arch at the Black Love Virtual Concert.

In an epic opening performance, the most awarded rapper in Africa stood atop the Independence Arch while performing his song ”Brown Paper Bag” which features Manifest.

This scene generated conversation on social media as some suggested that the Arch is a national monument and should be regarded as such.

Others, on the other hand, were of the opinion that it was perfect for a song which carries a theme about the emancipation of the black race.

Sarkodie recounted that it was Events’ specialist, George Quaye, who brought up the idea as he thought it was perfect symbolism for black power.

He continued by stating how nervous he was standing at such a height and the fact that he had to climb on someone’s shoulders to get to the top of the Arch.

”It was George Quaye who came up with the idea. I don’t know if it was my ”house people” trying to push me down or what? Throughout the whole performance, I was nervous. You know I don’t like heights. Where they wanted me to stand if I had done that it would have been dope but I felt dizzy. It is a statement”, he said.