Rawlings killed the passion for drama in Ghana – Fred Amugi

Veteran actor, Fred Amugi has said that the conduct  of late former president JJ Rawlings killed drama in Ghana.

Speaking on Simply showbiz on Tv3 with MzGee, the actor revealed the coup d’etat staged by the late former president in 1979 and its attendant curfews killed people’s passion for drama.

“…the coup d’etat made us sleep early. By 5 pm, everyone must be home because you couldn’t go out by 6 pm so there wereno rehearsals for drama like it used to be…It took a long time for us to be freed and at that time, the enthusiasm people had for drama had died off and up until now, we’ve tried resurrecting it.”

The actor then stated that the love the late former president had for the arts compelled him to also resurrect what he killed by building the national theatre for theatrical purposes.

He believes although the theatre is currently struggling, its future is bright with the number of competent playwrights the country has.