Pay me for playing my song at manifesto launch – Worlasi tells NDC

Ghanaian singer, has called out the, biggest opposition political party, New Democratic Congress (NDC) to pay him for using his song at their manifesto launch.

During the launch of the party’s manifesto, a short documentary was aired about John Mahama’s legacy and before the video started playing, Worlasi’s intro in his ‘Nukata’ song could be heard playing for less than 30 seconds.

Upon being informed by the party’s action, Wolasi in a self-recorded video said the NDC should have done the needful by seeking permission from him first.

According to him, the party didn’t contribute a dime to making his career better.

He said they should do the right thing by paying off his royalty for using his songs back to back during their manifesto launch else face the law.

NDC please I beg you, you didn’t help me make my music, you not helped me in any way for me to create good music, you didn’t pay Cubes to mix the songs, please I beg you you didn’t pay Mawuko mu manager,” he said.

He continued that “Please do the right thing, the one that you have already used make sure you do the necessary payment. Start wiring, Worlamy you won’t say anything they are using our songs for manifesto, start making noise let them start paying us”.