My beef with Eno was to hype her and have fun – Medikal

My beef with Eno was to hype her and have fun – Medikal || Months after the super-heated beef between rappers, Medikal and Eno Barony that has been interestingly taking over Twitter for some time, Medikal has come out to say he has no problem with his female colleague and that the whole beef was nothing personal.

He told Y107.9FM he wasn’t sure there was any connection between them but he didn’t hold anything against her.

“I was just getting bored on Twitter so I was having fun. It wasn’t a personal thing, I was just trying to have fun trying to bring attention to her, trying to put light on her and letting people know she’s really really sweet, “he said.

The hitmaker ‘Omo ada’ admitted that Eno was a really cool rapper and that’s what he ‘d always told people about. Talking about whether they’re ever going to record a song together or not, he expressed optimistic at the prospect.

“In this World, anything is possible. I can’t say anything right now, but obviously, since we’re in this universe and we can’t foresee it tomorrow, we will record songs together, ” AMG Medikal further concluded.