Money is the only bleaching cream you need — Fella Makafui Reveals

Fella Precious Makafui is a Ghanaian actress and a philanthropist. She is known mostly for her role in Yolo. She is married to the singer and rapper Medikal

In a recent tweet by Fella Makafui, the actress said,

“money is the bleaching cream you need.”

Fella Makafui with her husband’s worth 1million $ has disclose a very big statement adhering to money.

The statement is a sorrow tweet to people in financial needs because monitoring it, only the rich who always come out with this statement.   

Fella Makafui popularity came out when she was featured in the YOLO TV series as a villager.

She then flowed out sponsored by rich companies which got her here now.

She is also the wife of Amg Medikal