Kotoka International Airport Six Covid-19 Cases After Reopening – Dr Oko-Boye

According to Dr Oko-Boye, if the technology for testing at the airport were not  quality enough, these six COVID-19 positive travellers would have entered and infected a lot of the citizenry.

Speaking on Joy News, the Deputy Minister said: “Five people who have a negative PCR test from their countries of origin were picked as being positive at our airport”.

We had one on Friday, two on Saturday, two today and there’s been a third one, so, we have six cases”, he revealed.

“And all our troubles in Ghana started with just about 4 or 5 cases, so, those talking about $150, if we had gone for a compromised technology and these guys with negative PRC test had slipped in, all we need was one gentleman, who is positive with a viral load that is huge to visit us in this country and we are back to the lockdown era”, he explained.