I Have Never Smoke In My Life – Guru

Ghanaian rapper, Guru better known in real life as Maradona Yeboah Adjei has revealed that he has never used marijuana in his life before.

The use of the ‘seed of life’ is said to be common among celebrities and most especially musicians.

Many people find it normal in society even those who don’t use it but on this side of our world, society frowns on it.

People who smoke weed are tagged irresponsible and, immoral as many claims they are not the right people for young ages to learn from.

But Guru has revealed point blank that he has never used it before ever since he was brought to this world.

He explained that when kick-starting his career, he was alone on the streets trying to push for success but never used marijuana.

He emphasized that he wanted to create something for himself and his mother wasn’t in Ghana with no one to assist him.

He noted that he had to create a family around those he walked with and the happiest thing for him is that he never engaged himself in the act of smoking or drinking alcohol.