I don’t get enough airplay because I do good songs – Fancy Gadam

Tamale-based artiste, Fancy Gadam is not happy that his songs don’t get the necessary patronage they deserve.

In international with the Ghana News Agency, he said even though he was able to broke the conventional style of music Ghana, he thought his songs don’t get the right push.

For me, I believe I have the largest fan base in Ghana because whenever I put on an event, the venues are always filled and fans appreciate whatever I do for them.

“The problem is that, I don’t know whether it is because of the dialect but the music goes beyond language as I said earlier,” he said.

Fancy Gadam added that satisfying his fanbase in the Northern Region remained his priority as he continues to work hard to get the needed attention in the larger music markets.

“I mostly do my music in Dagbani, and the Dangbani speaking population is not that much as compared to Twi and other dialects but for me, music doesn’t know no language.

The award-winning artiste got into the limelight with ‘Total Cheat’ which won Song of the Year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards in 2018.

He also has songs like ‘YakaChana’, ‘Customer’, Nation Champion’ and ‘Dream’, among others.