Empress Dictabee Ruling The Ghanaian Fashion Space with Stunning African Prints

If there is one thing besides nose masks and tik tok that COVID-19 has introduced to the world of African fashion, is a new eye opener to who the real influencers are. In Ghana for example, a good amount of our best style influencers were the ones that will shock us outstandingly on red carpets of extravagant events.

However, with the pandemic in effect, these events are out the way and now we are seeing who really is doing the style influencing and giving viral looks when it comes to the odd day today and fashion and lifestyle acts. In fact, its a whole new revelation and without a doubt if a fashion award event was to take place it will be for certain that the list of best dressed celebrities won’t resemble the ones of last year.

With that said we can’t turn a blind eye to Empress Dictabee as known on social media. Benedicta Gafah, is her real name, a Ghanaian actress and a film producer. She has been featured in both Ghallywood and Kumawood movies which include “Mirror Girl”, “Azonto Ghost” and “April Fool”.

She has definitely maintained her post in the world of fashion going viral in some very stunning looks, both print and non print. However below are some of the best print looks she has served during the pandemic going viral on the net starting from the most recent.