DluckiBoy Hygee Sends A Piece Of Advice To Fellow Upcoming Acts

There are a number of upcoming acts who are still looking forward to collaborate with that big artiste in order to blow up.

Some are also waiting for some big record label to sign and invest their resources into their crafts but it is certainly not about just that.

A lot of them are still putting in so much work whiles some are also there like that waiting for the opportunity to come to them.

Well, whatever be the case, fast rising star DluckiBoy Hygee has sent a word of advice to his dear colleagues in the music industry.

Dlukiboy Hygee

Speaking to Celebrities Ghana on a show called Celebrities showbiz, he wondered why fellow upcoming artistes are so in a hurry to get free features from bigger artistes and after that happens, what next?

According to him, artistes need to put in work and when the time is right, the moment will present itself.

No one will have to be wondering who you are when your catalogue proves itself.

No one will have to be wondering who you are when your catalogue proves itself.

He indicated that if the above occurrence happens, you won’t have to beg anyone to be on your song. Therefore, upcoming acts need to deliberately work on themselves.

Even though it takes patience, your prayers, smartness, timing and promo plans play major roles in this.

He however noted that, himself as an artiste, would be elated if he also had these A list artistes on his songs but at this time he barely has a strong following.

He would have to beg and it isn’t the right path for him or anyone else at this point of a career since this said A list artiste might not have even heard of him.

Simply, the time and circumstance proven, his career can’t survive this big dive.

The “Till End”, “P4G” and “twitwabi nada” hitmaker emphasized that he isn’t desperate for fame or to play by the crooked ways of the game and would prefer legendary status even after death and not just be a name that would “pop up”.

He admitted that indeed it takes just one song to blow up but without a solid catalogue to prove, it still doesn’t justify his inclusion.

In the course of his interaction with Celebrities Ghana, he questioned if such artistes have carefully laid plans for the song or it’s just “oh once it’s this or that, the song will blow” plan?

He went ahead to ask if such acts have such plans for the video and even after the said song blows.

DluckiBoy Hygee also partially blamed this fame hunger and wondered if otherwise, why most of these past artistes become comets in the industry and not actual stars?. Big question right there!!!

Ending his conversation with Celebrities Ghana he advised his fellows not to make music just a hobby but their “company” because they are A BUSINESS, not businessmen.

Credit :Celebrities Ghana