DJ Cuppy releases “KARMA” Featuring Stonebwoy advancing her debut album

Today, following up “Jollof On The Jet”, is a Stonebwoy-assisted number, “Karma”. Stonebwoy takes a hold of this super uplifting record, not only opening the track with a class performance, but also trailing Cuppy through her chorus as the two harmonise over the repetitive hook. With Cuppy taking on some of the Ghanaian reggae singer’s patois inflections, these two are a strong match, which ties in perfectly with the loved-up topic of the song.

Both Stonebwoy and DJ Cuppy are looking to convince their respective lovers (whom I’m not unconvinced might be each other) that they’re the one for them. Stonebwoy begins his campaign by bragging about himself, in a bid to prove he’s worth this cool girl’s time, singing yet another COVID-19 reference (we’ll be hearing about coro in songs for years to come): “virus can’t catch me now see my software it be up to date“.

DJ Cuppy finally enters onto the track with her pre-chorus, “Fine fine baby I no go fit deny na you day craze me”, before she goes on to proclaim, dutifully accompanied by Stonebwoy, that she is her lovers’ good karma.

The positive repercussion of Karma are hardly ever explored in love. If what goes around comes around, then good loving will come to those who do good, right? Sounds like facts, but unfortunately when it comes to matters of the heart, Alicia Keys’ ’03 “Karma” typifies our approach to karmic references in music: bitter ballads passionately narrating how the heartbreakers have theirs coming.

Well Cuppy isn’t here for any negativity. She is bringing a refreshingly high-spirited outlook to the subject of karma in love, and it’s the most fitting trope reversal you’d expect from the smiley pink-haired TL comedian.