Blue Ep by KiDi Hits Over 1 Million Streams On Audiomack And Boomplay

Ghanaian singer Kidi showed up at a time we needed him most with the Blue Ep. In May, Kidi released the Blue Ep which put us in the right mood, giving us a perfect distraction during the lockdown.

Today according to Audiomack and Boomplay Kidi’s Blue Ep has been streamed over a million times on both streaming apps respectively.

On the Ep Kidi served us with tunes from different genres from Afrobeat, Afro-dancehall, Pop, and Punk. Kidi is definitely a versatile artist with his multi-genre Blue Ep.

The Blue Ep is a 5 track project which features only Adina. Kidi and Adina are said to have a compatible voice whenever they are on a song together, this might explain the feature.

Audiomack recording 1.35 Million
Boomplay recording 1 Million streams